Feminine Hygiene Platinum Medical Grade Silicone Lady Menstrual Cups, Reusable Soft Cups for Lady Menstrual Period Wholesale !

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
lady menstrual cups-icare or customized
Model Number:
lady menstrual cups-RB6216
lady menstrual cups, silicone soft cups
Item name:
100% platinum medical silicone lady menstrual cups,silicone soft cup
Model NO.:
lady menstrual cups-RB6216
100% platinum medical silicone
lady menstrual cups-icare or customized
Eco-friendly &healthy for skin:
free for customers
yes, can reusale for more than 150 times
ISO/FDA/CE/SGS certified company
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Supply Ability:
20000 Piece/Pieces per Day or as per customized
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Lady menstrual cups- one menstrual cup, one cloth bag, one user manual, one box
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10-15days after payment,depend on QTY

Feminine Hygiene Platinum Medical Grade Silicone Lady Menstrual Cups, Reusable Soft Cups for Lady Menstrual Period Wholesale !


 100% medical silicone lady menstrual cup is A Healthy and Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Tampons/Pads !



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Hypoallergenic Medical Grade Silicone,100% medical silicone!

The material used – silicone, does not cause any known allergies. By using Lady Menstrual Cup , the risk of bacterial disease is reduced and the occurrence of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a danger, e.g. in the use tampons, is prevented. )



Specifications of our 100% medical silicone lady menstrual cups:


Made of

Non-Toxic Non-Allergic 100% medical Silicone




size1/size 2

Size Dimensions (+/- 0.05mm)


Length (Including Knob)

58 mm/60mm

Length (Without Knob)

54 mm/56mm

Diameter (Rim – External across the top)

40 mm/45mm

Fluid Holding Capacity (Approximate)


Upto the air holes

16 ml

Upto the rim

25 ml





How to use our 100% medical silicone lady menstrual cup:




Before handling the menstrual cup, make sure that your hands are thoroughly clean.


Sterilize the Menstrual Cup before the first Insertion.


Recommend to insert the cup any of following positions; sitting, squatting, kneeling or standing-try one of these positions and choose what is most suitable for you.


To facilitate the insertion, you can moisten the Menstrual Cup with water or water based lubrication gel.


Grip the Menstrual Cup with your fingers and press as the picture. 


Afterward fold the Menstrual Cup lengthwise in half using fingers of the other hand.


Hold the Menstrual Cup using fingers of one hand at the lowest position possible and insert the Menstrual Cup in the vagina obliquely, toward the back. The proper position of the Menstrual Cup is lower than in case of tampons. Upon insertion in the vagina, release the fingers and let the Menstrual Cup unfold fully and adhere to the wall





Detailed Introductions for Using Lady Menstrual Cups:


How to sterilize and disinfect before the fisrt time to use lady menstrual cups?

When handling Lady Menstrual Cup , make sure your hands are thoroughly clean! Disinfect Lady Menstrual Cup before the first use. Menstrual Cup can be boiled (cca. 5 min.) or sterilized using a solution made from sterilization tablets. To ensure easier introduction, use of a water-based lubrication gel is recommended, especially for young girls/women (size S – Small). To introduce/remove Menstrual Cup , the sitting/standing position is ideal. Before insertion, first fold Lady Mesntrual Cup two times lengthwise. Insert the folded Lady Menstrual Cup in the vagina. Before the first insertion, your overall relaxation is very important. Therefore try to introduce/remove Lady Menstrual Cup in a period without menstruation. This strategy is best to find “your” most suitable position to introduce/remove Lady Menstrual Cup . After some time, this activity will be common for you and will not cause you any major problems. Introducing/removing Lady Menstrual Cup is not more difficult than introducing/removing a common tampon.


How often to keep empty for lady menstrual cups?

Empty Lady Menstrual Cup 2–5 times daily depending on the menstrual flow.


Lady Menstrual Cup offers you quick specialized help.




How to choose lady menstrual cups?


 Lady Menstrual Cup is also suitable for women who suffer from various eczemas or dermal allergies and allergies to tampons or latex materials. Lady Mesntrual Cup is made from an absolutely neutral silicone material, which maintains a healthy vaginal environment and does not dehydrate the mucosa.






 How to fold it ?


 Disinfect Menstrual Cup before every use. Introduce Lady Menstrual Cup with clean hands and while resting. To facilitate introduction, you can moisten Lady Mesntrual Cup with water or use a water-based lubration gel. Fold LadyCup two times lengthwise and insert it. Upon proper insertion, Lady Mesntrual Cup unfolds fully.




How to insert it ?

You can try to turn Menstrual Cup slightly while holding its bottom part to ensure proper placement. Properly introduced and with the aid of your vaginal muscles, Lady Mesntrual Cup does not turn and remains in the same position. Lady Menstrual Cup is placed low inside the vagina. In its proper position, Lady Menstrual Cup is placed in such a manner that no leaking should occur and there is no feeling of its presence in the body .


How to take out and empty, rinse?

Depending on the menstrual flow, empty LadyCup approximately 2–5 times daily. Upon emptying, just rinse Menstrual Cup with water. LadyCup can be also boiled or sterilized in the sterilization solution. Your choice of maintenance depends on your particular situation


How to shorten the stem?

Shorten the stem to “your” length, whichever suits you best. The stem can be cut off entirely, as well. We recommend shortening the stem gradually until you find a suitable length. Pay attention so as not to damage the bottom part of Lady Mesntrual Cup!





Tips and Facts:
1) The stem can be trimmed to fit each women's anatomy.
2) Menstrual cups do not disrupt the vaginal PH balance.
3) You can wear a menstrual cup up to 12 hours!
4) Once your menstrual cup is in place, give it a gentle spin to help set it in place.
5) The menstrual cup creates a vacuum seal inside you, preventing leaks.
6) Break the seal before removing your menstrual cup

7)Lady Menstrual Cup is not a contraceptive. Use your own Menstrual Cup exclusively for hygienic reasons.


8)Lady Mesntrual Cup is suitable for all age groups of women. It can be used by girls who have not had sexual intercourse yet or by women who use contraception (intrauterine bodies etc.)




Our lady menstrual cups series colorful boxes !!!



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